Interpretation Equipment

If you organize an event where simultaneous interpretation will be provided, you will need interpretation equipment to facilitate wireless sound transmission from the interpreters to the participants. We will be happy to offer you several options depending on the venue of your event, on the seating arrangements, the expected number of attendees and your budget.

In many European countries, major international conferences are held at hotel conference facilities which have built-in interpretation booths and sound control rooms. This is not the case in the United States. Although most hotels, especially major hotel chains, offer conference facilities and want to attract customers looking for a suitable conference venue, practically none of them have interpretation facilities of their own. That is why if you are planning a large-scale multilingual event, like an annual conference or a members' meeting, you will need an interpretation booth, conference microphones, delegate headsets, and all other required equipment to ensure that your event flows smoothly and efficiently. Our equipment can also be seamlessly combined with any other audiovisual services being provided for your occasion.

If you are planning a smaller event (up to 40 participants), especially if your event involves site visits or walking tours, you may consider using portable interpretation equipment. It is battery-operated, extremely user-friendly, and, since no set-up or technician services are required, this option is more economical than having a booth.

Regardless of the scenario you prefer, we will take care of all your equipment needs for any event. Remember, we are a professional interpretation company, which means that we apply the most rigorous standards to the interpretation equipment. As a result, you will benefit from our expertise and have seamless multilingual communications at your conference, seminar, workshop or business meeting.

Rest assured that our advice will be provided based on your specific needs. We will advise you on what is the best equipment option for you, help you assemble a package uniquely customized for your event and make sure that it functions faultlessly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your interpretation equipment needs and request a quote.